The Practice of Getting Published

12 May 2017 (Friday)
10:30 am — 11:30 am
Room C0612, 6/F, Block C, Main Campus, OUHK
Professor Paul Gibbs
Director of Education Research at the University of Middlesex

Professor Paul Gibbs is the Director of Education Research at the University of Middlesex. He founded the Centre for Education Research and Scholarship and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Cyprus and (the University Research Centre of) the Open University of Hong Kong. He is an educator and researcher, and has supervised 30 successful transdisciplinary professional doctorate students. He has published 20 books on topics ranging from the marketing of higher education to vocationalism and higher education, and has published more than 80 academic articles. He is also the series editor of Springer Briefs on Key Thinkers in Education and Debating Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives for Springer Academic Press. He serves on five academic journal editorial boards and is a reviewer for eight academic journals.

Publishing is difficult, competitive and stressful. Good academic ideas, a robust methodology, attention to detail, plus a well-written paper are necessary — but not sufficient — to get your work published. In this discussion of publishing, I will cover the publishing process, the writing of book proposals and chapters, the creation of academic journal articles, reviewing and dealing with editorial rejection.

The focus of the discussion is on how you can master the best ways of presenting your work and all the extra activities you can carry out which help to secure a higher chance of publication. What I will propose is that there is a practice for getting published and I would like to explore this with you. The practice of publishing requires a skill set of its own and needs an effort beyond the academic quality of your work (at least for most of us).

In this interactive session, I welcome questions and examples based on your experience with publishers which we can discuss in order to share our knowledge and improve our collective understanding. We might even write a paper!

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