From a PACRD project to an FDS funding application – A surprising journey and valuable experience

Dr Fred Lee
Associate Professor
School of Science and Technology

Time & date:
11:00 am—12:00 nn, 23 February 2017 (Thursday)
Room C0810, 8/F, Block C, Main Campus
Individual proposals with strong preliminary work always have an advantage in research funding application. A research project (Proteomic analysis of Prorocentrum species with respect to their toxin production under the effects of different growing conditions) funded by President’s Avisory Committee on Research and Development (PACRD) was served as a seed project and generated preliminary data for the subsequent application for external research funding from the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS). In this seminar, the speaker will introduce some of the key findings of the funded PACRD project and share his “surprising journey” in the subsequent FDS funding application.

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